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Two for Thursday

Instead of the usual “Three for Thursday” shtick, I’m caving and giving just “Two for Thursday.” Don’t feel you’re getting short-shrifted though! One of these almost made me cry!

Emotion! Beauty! Music! Bybe gives you all the sustenance you need for life. And we’ll make you pancakes the morning after!

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How much live music can you get for the price of a laptop? (Part 2)

NOTE: Because this review is so long, I’ve split it into two posts. This is Part 2. Part 1 is available here.

Where was I? Oh yeah, lots of memorable concerts this year…

Rogue Wave – August 6 @ Hard Rock Café, Chicago

Rogue Wave

“Hi. We’re Rogue Wave and this is the strangest show we’ve ever done.” Continue reading

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