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How much live music can you get for the price of a laptop? (Part 2)

NOTE: Because this review is so long, I’ve split it into two posts. This is Part 2. Part 1 is available here.

Where was I? Oh yeah, lots of memorable concerts this year…

Rogue Wave – August 6 @ Hard Rock Café, Chicago

Rogue Wave

“Hi. We’re Rogue Wave and this is the strangest show we’ve ever done.” Continue reading


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Dark and Heavy: Massive Attack Pound it Out

Massive Attack

The boys from Bristol did not disappoint. After a long, long wait, I managed to cross one of my dream bands off the list of “must sees” when I caught Massive Attack this past Friday at The Riviera here in Chicago. For a band that on album tends toward “chill,” the set ran decidedly heavy, but really that’s what you want out of a live act. There were the obvious hits, but I also really dug that they reached into the back depths to pull out some lesser known, but still excellent tracks. And the visuals were simple, but wildly effective. Continue reading

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Three for Thursday

We here at Bybe know that you’ve been naughty this year, but we like you enough to get you Christmas presents anyway. It’s been a few weeks, so here are another three videos to keep you entertained.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Hot Chip is revving up for the February 9 release of their next album, One Life Stand and gives us a second glimpse in this video for the album’s title track. It’s not quite as good as our first glimpse, the mind-blowing “Take it In,” but how could it be? Still, the track belies all that is great about the Hot Chip style; it’s dancey yet pop, memorable, yet not cliché catchy. This only heightens my anticipation for the CD to drop. Also, watching this video makes me think that there cannot be a more nerdy-looking band on the planet. Sorry guys.
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Three for Thursday

EDIT: I mistakenly claim below that the Massive Attack track “United Snakes” will be on the upcoming Massive Attack LP. This is incorrect. “United Snakes” was (and will continue to be) only a B-side.

More videos. More awesome. More… I don’t know. I could only come up with two.

Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge

Simian Mobile Disco is an awesome band name, and they wrote some genius lyrics for this love song too. I won’t spoil the surprise and reveal some of the best, but the singer does point out that “You know I always got sorbet.” Besides the great wordsmithing, the track is danceable to boot.

“Audacity of Huge” is off Temporary Pleasure, the group’s August release.

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