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This, My Friends, is What a Cocktail Party Should Look Like (Part 1)

Your two authors here at bybe collaborate on many things besides cobbling together the occasional posts you stop by to read. One of those things is a recurring cocktail party we call Four Eleven where we can flex our mixology muscles and hone our bartending skills. The parties are of course very fun, but we take them seriously and use them as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, to experiment, and to gain new experiences and much needed practice. Continue reading


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WhiskyFest Chicago 2010

I haven’t posted my thoughts on whisky in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been drinking. A friend and I went last Friday to WhiskyFest Chicago. The event is a celebration of all things grain and we spent 3 hours sampling tons and tons of delicious distillates. In all we tried over 20 different whiskies, a flight of cognacs and a curious, curious rum while gorging ourselves on a top notch buffet of food and deserts. We met a few master distillers along the way and generally had a great time.

In an effort to make the most of our time, we spread ourselves around and tried to hit new and strange things. Here are the highlights. Continue reading

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