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This, My Friends, is What a Cocktail Party Should Look Like (Part 1)

Your two authors here at bybe collaborate on many things besides cobbling together the occasional posts you stop by to read. One of those things is a recurring cocktail party we call Four Eleven where we can flex our mixology muscles and hone our bartending skills. The parties are of course very fun, but we take them seriously and use them as an opportunity to challenge ourselves, to experiment, and to gain new experiences and much needed practice. Continue reading


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Starstruck by Big Star

Tacos! (Picture courtesy of Metromix Chicago)

Tacos! (Picture courtesy of Metromix Chicago)

“…It’s a tortilla with cheese, meat and vegetables.”

So begins the famous joke by Jim Gaffigan about working in a Mexican restaurant in Indiana where the customers don’t know the difference between nachos, burritos and tostadas. But unlike the case Gaffigan paints, all tacos are not made equal and some Mexican food can transcend the punch line, “Why don’t you say a Spanish word and I’ll bring you something.”

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Whisky 101

Something came over me. I don’t know what it was, but I made an impulse buy yesterday. I’ll tell you all about that in due time, but first I need to devote a post for this mini-lesson. Welcome to Whisky 101.

So, what is whisky? (And what is whiskey? That comes later.) Well, whisky is the name given to a very broad class of spirits, but all whiskies share two important features.

(1) Whisky must be distilled from grains. If you start with grapes, you’re making brandy. If you start with sugar, you’re making rum. But if you start with corn, rye, barley, wheat or any other grain, you’re on your way to making whisky.

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