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A Supposedly Fun Book I’ll Probably Have to Read Again

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

I first encountered the writings of David Foster Wallace through tennis, an interest that has grown over the last two years. Wallace was a ranked junior tennis player in the Midwest, and an overall jock in his younger days. He wrote an excellent piece, “Roger Federer as Religious Experience“, for the New York Times Magazine in August 2006, a season during which Federer compiled a 90-5 match record and won twelve titles. I enjoyed his conversational style of writing, and I found some of his observations, like the description of the kinetic beauty in sport as originating with “human beings’ reconciliation with the fact of having a body”, to be particularly insightful. Continue reading


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The Sporting “Life”

Malcolm Gladwell has written an article in The New Yorker about brain injuries in (American) football players. Its subtitle reads, “How different are dogfighting and football?” The piece left me with some thoughts on the modern entertainment that we call sport and the industry that supports it.

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