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A Shameless Plug for “Table for Two”

In an effort to become a Renaissance man (which I always confuse with just becoming a guy who is spread too thin), this part-time author of bybe is now also a part-time author of the new Chicago dining blog Table for Two. Don’t you worry though, loyal reader. (Or readers? There might be more than one of you!) My drinking and eating and pontificating and writing will continue unabated and there will be some overlap between this blog and that. I plan to continue to write here as often as I have been; that is to say, haphazardly and not terribly often.

Table for Two is an attempt to get invitations to top chef’s tables across the city and possibly an invitation to the secret bar in the basement of the soon-to-open Aviary. (Ha! My delusions are worse than you expected.) Far more likely, it will just lead to sclerosis and high cholesterol, but bybe’s music reviews are slowly making me deaf, so why not just go whole-hog on the self-destruction? If you want to ogle some food porn or to ridicule our snobbery, please stop by.


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Eating at Home

I recently returned to the Motherland for a family event, and afterwards stayed for a week back home in Toronto. Unfortunately, I now see some family and friends only once every six to eighteen months, a far cry from the three to five days a week during our youth. Sharing laughs and nostalgia always makes for a good night out.

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Would You Like Some Meat With Your Meat?

KFC Double Down

Now if only they added a fried egg...

The new KFC Double Down Sandwich is further evidence that Americans’ favourite accompaniment to any food is meat. This is daring of KFC: the Atkins diet had its fifteen minutes long ago, most fast food chains have generally embraced more healthy menu options, and the company may incur the wrath of Michelle Obama. One should not piss off a lady with guns of her calibre. Continue reading

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