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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Not without controversy, the Palme d’Or at Cannes this year was awarded to The Tree of Life, the fifth film in nearly forty years by American director Terrence Malick. As the title suggests, The Tree of Life attempts to relate our cosmic origins, the mundane and sometimes tragic occurrences of our lives, and aspects of our emotional and spiritual selves like love, redemption, and forgiveness. Without too much spoiler, the anniversary of a tragedy necessitates a phone call between father and son. Most of the film is spent on a journey through the son’s memories and thoughts on existential questions that are ultimately raised when one recalls an event of this enormity, as if the viewer were privy to the flashbacks and mental images behind the closed eyelids of a person deep in recollection. As such, The Tree of Life is impressionistic and not strictly temporally ordered, which may alienate filmgoers – it continues to polarize critics after Cannes.

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Blue and Green


Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in costume.

My apologies if my memory’s a little shaky: I was supposed to write this post about three weeks ago, but procrastinated. Its subject can be deduced from the image above.

Some Hollywood insiders forecast Avatar‘s total gross to surpass 2.5 billion USD. The film recently overtook Titanic in nominal box office receipts, although Avatar is not expected to match Titanic in the awards department; a science-fiction movie is rarely showered with statues. Cameron is the only (Hollywood?) director to have two billion-dollar movies in his filmography, and perhaps one of the few directors to regularly have film budgets over 200 million USD. Not bad for the Canadian former truck driver. Continue reading

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