You’ve come here to find out what this blog is all about. Please accept our sincere apologies, as we don’t even know what this blog is about. For the moment, it seems to be a mash-up of our intersecting interests of music, art, science and alcohol. You may not like it all, but if nothing else, maybe we can be the acerbic foil to your cheery life. (Or maybe the cheery foil to your acerbic life? Yikes!)

bybe is the name of the blog, but what does it mean? bybe sounds like vibe and sonically approximates imbibe. We’ll also probably use this space for the occasional diatribe. You get the idea.

mccowan contributes here too. Expect him to pen articles like “Surrealist Art: Why your phone should also double as a lobster,” “The Future of Music: Electro-pop-indie-post-pre-psychedelic-nu-wave-grunge-hip-hop-shoegazing” and “Social Drinking: Why martinis are in and forties are out.” He actually thinks that sometimes he’s better at coming up with titles than the blogs themselves, so if you need a freelance headline writer…


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