Three for Thursday (Snowed In!)

As Chicago continues to dig itself out from under piles of snow several feet high, I thought I’d drop a few videos from artists that have been grabbing my attention recently. As always, no common theme… though these all might be good on your “Snowpocalypse 2011” playlist: Ólafur Arnalds as the snow falls, Com Truise for the dance party with your blizzard buddy and Matt & Kim for the snowball fight. Good luck finding out where exactly they towed your car if you abandoned it on Lake Shore Drive!


Ólafur Arnalds – 3055

I recently saw Icelandic wonder Ólafur Arnalds perform at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was a simply gorgeous show! This guy is young (just 24) and plays with a band consisting of a string quartet, a DJ and himself on piano and electronics. There were beautiful visuals synchronized with the music that painted a simple, open-ended narrative, but even more powerful was the lighting, especially during a suite of songs beginning with “Fok” that conjured up the feel of plowing through a storm that gradually gained momentum from a faint trickle to an all out deluge. Powerful stuff and fun to watch and hear. “3055” is off Arnalds’ debut Eulogy for Evolution.”


Com Truise – Fairlight

To call the music of Com Truise inspired by the 1980’s would be an understatement. The artist himself describes it as “mid-fi synth-wave, slower-motion funk,” and it would be at home playing off a cassette on your brother’s boombox. If your Snowmageddon was a marathon of Minute to Win it, maybe this track is not for you, but if it was a marathon of Kids in the Hall, then YES! The track “Fairlight” comes from the Dry Waves compilation put together by the folks over at the ISO50 design/music blog and is available for free. Com Truise is even responsible for the cover art.


Matt & Kim – Cameras

I don’t think this video needs all that much commentary. The poppy duo that everyone loves is back with a maraca to the face and holding a cymbal for a shield in this video choreographed by the guy that did the fights for Bourne Ultimatum. Just watch it.


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