Three for Thursday Returns!

It has been too long, friends, since I forced my musical opinions on you in the form of pretty flashing videos. Three for Thursday returns with a couple new music videos to spotlight some of the tracks that have been burning holes through my headphones which can now burn holes through your eyeballs, too.

School of Seven Bells – “I L U”

School of Seven Bells

This is a beautiful song from these young shoegaze/dream poppers. How does one illustrate such a pretty and simple concept as “I loved you?” Puppet sex. That’s how. Alright, ignore the snark for a moment… the video is very well done and intersperses intricate mimed sex between puppets with sensual human sex between puppeteers; it is actually a very nice accompaniment to the song that fits the mood well. Off Disconnect from Desires, this is one my favorites from this band. (Mildly NSFW.)

School of Seven Bells – I L U – Official Video from Vagrant Records on Vimeo.

Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus does beats. Sexy, sexy beats. I saw two hot people at this summer’s North Coast Music Festival come close to freakin’ right next to me because of what Flying Lotus was playing. Also, Flying Lotus does drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. This is a video about sexy beats and drugs. Check it here.

Shigeto – Baker Blunt Basics and Proposal

Oh, and while we’re talking beat-makers, I’m going to throw out an audio only track from a new love of mine, Shigeto. Fun fact: Shigeto was the drummer for School of Seven Bells on their most recent tour and proposed to his girlfriend on one of the stops. (Not Chicago, though.)


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