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Dark and Heavy: Massive Attack Pound it Out

Massive Attack

The boys from Bristol did not disappoint. After a long, long wait, I managed to cross one of my dream bands off the list of “must sees” when I caught Massive Attack this past Friday at The Riviera here in Chicago. For a band that on album tends toward “chill,” the set ran decidedly heavy, but really that’s what you want out of a live act. There were the obvious hits, but I also really dug that they reached into the back depths to pull out some lesser known, but still excellent tracks. And the visuals were simple, but wildly effective. Continue reading


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The Anniversary Post

It’s been a year since we first started writing, and I’d like to thank the co-author of this blog for his contribution and to those who have taken their time to read our musings. I thought I’d kick off the paper/cotton anniversary with a new project: to write a musical chronology for the past decade of albums and music that occupied a large fraction of aural attention over a block of time. I’ll start with one from the winter of 2005-2006. Continue reading

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Beautiful Glitch

Glitch Music Studio

If you ever wondered what DJ looks at when he's dropping his beats...

I often have a hard time explaining electronic music to friends who don’t know the genre. Part of the reason, I think, is that there are many more differences between artists and songs within the field than there are similarities. One has, for example, techno and house DJs creating a club vibe, ambient and downtempo acts striving for lush and chill sounds, and electropop (or even industrial rock) bands that can induce dancing, moshing and quiet contemplation all in the span of one disc. That’s not even touching subgenres where you get smashup hybrids like the fantastic (in both name and practice) folktronica. Continue reading

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