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4 km. 7 days. Pole pole.


Glaciers of Kilimanjaro

It's better in person.


Last November, a friend from my undergraduate days secured a summer internship at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania. After the obligatory congratulatory e-mail, we discussed visit dates. I was excited to set foot in Africa for the first time. We began to pin down more details in February, and among them was one goal: to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa. Continue reading


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The Basil Spank (or, Why You Don’t Let the Drunks Name Your Drink)

I’ve come up with a few original drinks, but I will probably not debut one without a proper name again. Giving up the naming rights to my new drink to a group of drunken people generated some, let’s say “crass” suggestions. Maybe some background is in order…

I have a friend who volunteers with the organization One Brick. The group (with branches across the county including one here in Chicago) provides help to non-profit organizations in various forms (people, time, money, organizational infrastructure, etc.), but it also has a significant social component (bar hopping, cavorting, etc.). Knowing I’m an avid mixologist, she asked me to construct a cocktail for the group with one criterion in mind, that it be orange, the official color of the organization. When I think orange colored drinks, I of course think orange juice, but she instead planted a different seed, suggesting that the drink use cantaloupe. Hmmm,… an interesting and challenging idea. Continue reading

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