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Avant-Pop: A Primer on Ghostly International

Ghostly International Logo

I have never before pledged loyalty to a particular record label. (Hyperdub, you were close, but ended up being a little inconsistent.) That changed several months ago when I dug deeper into the catalog of Ann Arbor-based electronica label Ghostly International. It’s rather unlikely that you’ve heard of many (if any) of the labels artists (Matthew Dear, School of Seven Bells, Phantogram, Daestro, Gold Panda…), but the group keeps up a high quality and a focused agenda which puts them at the top of the game in their particular niche. The label describes their artists as falling into two categories: SMM, an intentionally undefined acronym which they claim represents “gentle, texture-focused instrumental music;” and avant-pop, a simultaneously pretentious and brilliant term which describes the segment of the label’s work I find most appealing. Continue reading


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Caribou in the Park


"Handsome Dick" Manitoba is an ass.

When the schedule for New Music Mondays, a free concert series at Millennium Park, was released a couple of months ago, I made a note to see Caribou in the second week of July. Due to the clutter of things to-do that have occupied my mind as of late (hence, the once-a-month blog posts), the concert nearly slipped my mind. Although I had other nagging tasks, I looked over to Cloud Gate during the trip north on the 6 bus to a temporary home, and impulsively jumped off the bus.

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File This Under “WTF”

Usually I try to write substantive posts, but sometimes something speaks for itself. I give you Miike Snow’s most recent release, “The Rabbit.” I hope this means a new album’s on the way! If you don’t already know Miike Snow (for shame) and want to hear more after this (you will), check out their eponymous debut. Mid-tempo electropop. Yum.

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