Bad-Ass Booze Roundup

Here are two snippets from the mixology world.

1. True Originals: The Apothecary

Awhile back I showed the first two videos from a great series of viral ads for Bacardi being put out under the banner of “True Originals.” We saw “The Samurai” make his daiquiri and “The Hummingbird” make her Piña Colada. Now we are treated to “The Apothecary” making his Mojito. Enjoy!

I’ve been mildly obsessed with this video (and when they came out, the previous ones as well) and it has made me test out my own Mojito strategies. This is ultimately a good thing since I’ve never been pleased with my own technique, but I better get it straight since my fellow blogger and I have plans to put it on the menu at our next cocktail party. More things to ponder:

  • Sugar infusions? I’m totally doing that.
  • Bitters in the Mojito? Yes! I was just reading about bitters in Mojitos and now I’m totally doing that, too.
  • Secret journal detailing cocktail exploits? I’m totally not doing that since it seems like a lot of work. But I should. It would be pretty cool.

2. Cask Strength

I recently discovered a new mixology/drinks blog in Cask Strength, written by Andrew Bohrer. This man is my new hero. He is so bad-ass. I mean seriously.

Why? Let’s look at his most recent posts:

Mixology Monday: Tom Waits

Mixology Monday is a great cocktail blog “thing” where a topic is picked and people then come up with drinks related to the theme and they are made and discussed and fun is had. I want to join this awesome celebration sometime, but I tell you all this so that I can get to the topic which Andrew suggested: Tom Waits. If you don’t know Tom Waits, he was/is a great piano player and singer with a gravelly voice and a down-in-the-dumps mentality; i.e. a great guy to be stuck next to at a bar and a great muse for Mixology Monday. I only recently heard his stuff and I’m snatching it up as fast as I can. Watch him perform “The Piano Has Been Drinking” on the 70’s program Fernwood Tonight.

Lego Bartenders

Woah! Check out these two picture excerpts, then check out the full blog post, complete with clever commentary.

Cask Strength Lego Bartenders

Dave Wondrich (left) making a Blue Blazer and Jamie Boudreau (right) in his classic black vest.

The best part of this blog post? Several of the bartenders mentioned make comments and Dave Wondrich even posts a few Lego figures of himself to complement the spot-on rendition I showed above.

Chainsaw Thursday

This man cuts ice for his bar/restaurant and describes the process. I now also want to cut ice for my (pretend) bar/restaurant. Before you read the excerpt, note that this blogger has the nickname Andrew “Tolstoy” Bohrer since his writing style “always reads like it’s been translated from the original Russian.”

So Zane bought an electric chainsaw, I’m going to call her “slicey,” so Zane brings slicey over and we cut the block into 6, 50lb blocks… We used to score these 50 lb blocks to cut later, until I remembered that I had a huge fuck off band saw that can and often does cut livestock in half.

The ice is not kosher.

The only downfall to this is that if Zane and I need to talk about our feelings, we have to go out to lunch after because our shit is so tight.

I reiterate. This man is my hero.


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