How to Destroy Angels

The indefinite hiatus and end of touring for Nine Inch Nails began less than nine months ago, but Trent Reznor – the lead singer, creative director and only permanent member of the group – is not one to sit idly by. The man forced himself to take a few days off, then ran back to the studio for some tinkering. The first bits of this post-NIN output have begun to appear and I think people are happy so far.

How to Destroy Angels

How to Destroy Angels is the new group formed from Reznor; his wife and former lead singer of West Indian Girl, Mariqueen Maandig; and frequent Reznor collaborator, Atticus Ross. The group has dropped a digital-only single of the song “A Drowning” and now a video for “The Space in Between.” Take a listen and view below.

The first single, “A Drowning.” (Via Pitchfork)

The first video, “The Space in Between.” (Via Pitchfork TV)

Anyone who has listened to much Nine Inch Nails will recognize the sound and would be able to guess Reznor was involved. (Particularly in “A Drowning.”) That said, I think the addition of a female lead adds a nice new dimension and puts a fresh spin on things. Maandig’s voice suits the mood of the work very well. In early interviews, Reznor has said that while HtDA’s work right now is very reminiscent of his former endeavors, the group is gaining some traction and developing its own sound.

I know it’s only two songs so far, but I dig it and I’m anxious for more. A six-song EP will drop this summer and a full length LP is expected later in 2010 with some limited touring. I’m still full of regret for missing a couple opportunities to see Nine Inch Nails as they passed through Chicago over the past couple years, so maybe this will be my opportunity for redemption.


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