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A Mojito by Any Other Name…

I recently mentioned that I’ve been playing around a bit with Koval’s rose hip liqueur and also mentioned that I was playing around with Mojitos, so, in the interest of laziness genius, I’ve combined my efforts.

First, to remind you, rose hip is a liqueur made from the fruits of certain types of rose plants. It is not like the flower rose, but instead has a strong flavor of Christmas spices like cinnamon and cloves and I get a hint of cooked berries and muffins or bread. If there was ever a set of flavors which screamed Mojito… it would not be these. So, initially, I was skeptical about adding the rose hip to my Mojito experiments. But after many only marginally successful normal Mojitos, I figured why not. The results were intriguing. It took a little playing around, but I think I found a mix that I like. Continue reading


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Bad-Ass Booze Roundup

Here are two snippets from the mixology world.

1. True Originals: The Apothecary

Awhile back I showed the first two videos from a great series of viral ads for Bacardi being put out under the banner of “True Originals.” We saw “The Samurai” make his daiquiri and “The Hummingbird” make her Piña Colada. Now we are treated to “The Apothecary” making his Mojito. Enjoy! Continue reading

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How to Destroy Angels

The indefinite hiatus and end of touring for Nine Inch Nails began less than nine months ago, but Trent Reznor – the lead singer, creative director and only permanent member of the group – is not one to sit idly by. The man forced himself to take a few days off, then ran back to the studio for some tinkering. The first bits of this post-NIN output have begun to appear and I think people are happy so far.

How to Destroy Angels

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Chasing the White Dog at Koval Distillery

I’m still fairly new to the world of spirits and mixology. As an eager amateur, I read books and peruse blogs for information, I hit the local bars and lounges for ideas and I experiment at home and at parties. Generally, I hear about the trends and then go out and find them, but I feel I’ve turned a bit of corner since I spotted one of the newest trends in the drinks world before it became big news. I’m talking about white whisky. New make. White dog. Moonshine. Unaged water of life. Continue reading

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But I hate when I feel like this and I never hated you

Frightened Rabbit

Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit (picture via "rokbun - Scotland's Live Music")

I had chills this morning, and they weren’t because of Chicago’s unseasonable frost warning. They came, instead, from listening to “Poke” off the 2008 album Midnight Organ Fight from Scottish indie-rockers Frightened Rabbit. The album is a colossal breakup album with songs that swing funny, angsty, defiant and, in the case of “Poke,” downright movingly sad. Continue reading

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Ágætis byrjun

Jónsi, Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, April 28, 2010

Jónsi's Icelandic spectacle

It has been about a year since music publications began posting their “best-of” lists of the previous decade. Most of these lists included Sigur Rós. Their second LP Ágætis byrjun, released worldwide in 2000, is appropriately titled: Icelandic for “A Good Beginning”, it was the first of four well-received albums in eight years. Continue reading

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