Would You Like Some Meat With Your Meat?

KFC Double Down

Now if only they added a fried egg...

The new KFC Double Down Sandwich is further evidence that Americans’ favourite accompaniment to any food is meat. This is daring of KFC: the Atkins diet had its fifteen minutes long ago, most fast food chains have generally embraced more healthy menu options, and the company may incur the wrath of Michelle Obama. One should not piss off a lady with guns of her calibre.

Having eaten McDonald’s about once a week for a good 3-4 years as a teenager, I long ago had my fill of fast food. I’m not averse to eating it once a while, but I don’t have cravings for it on a daily basis. I’m far from subscribing to vegetarianism, but I had a bit of an adverse reaction to the gratuitousness of this sandwich. That said, I am still interested in trying (half of) one. I venture that it’s similar to a chicken version of a saltier, unsealed Cordon Bleu. According to the Chicago Tribune, the fried version of the sandwich has 540 calories, 32 mg of fat (10 mg of which is saturated), and 1380 mg of sodium. This isn’t an egregious calorie count, but creating a sandwich with fewer calories than a Big Mac or Whopper isn’t setting the bar high. On the sodium front, Health Canada recommends that adult sodium consumption not exceed 2300 mg per day. In simple terms, this sandwich is 25% of the adult RDI for calories and 50% for salt and saturated fat.

KFC makes it clear who they’re targeting in the advertisement below, and the above statistics are not likely to deter those consumers. I wonder if they’ll offer a kids version sometime soon; they could throw in a toy pacemaker or AED with the kids combo.

Good lighting is important for food, too:


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