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Puscifer: Not Your Dad’s Band


Without a doubt, this was the strangest concert I’ve ever attended. There were moments of wicked musicianship where I wished I had been able to convince someone to come with me and there were other moments when the show was so crass and in-the-gutter that I would have blushed and apologized to my unsuspecting guest. (“Did I say I love these guys? I meant I’d heard a few things. But I never would have brought you if I knew they were going to say/do/sing that!) Continue reading


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Blues Harp Night at SPACE

Eric Noden and Joe Filisko

Eric Noden (left) and Joe Filisko

Did you know that serious harmonica players call their instrument a harp? I did not, but for some reason I find that incredibly cool. This sweet naming scheme leads to events like “Blues Harp Night” which my housemate and I attended last night at SPACE (Society for the Preservation of Arts and Culture in Evanston). The double bill included the duo Joe Filisko and Eric Noden opening for the (what I’m told is legendary) Jim Liban Trio. Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace Discusses the Loo

I have only fairly recently come to know (and now love) the writing of David Foster Wallace. Though aware of his work for awhile, it took several casual conversations with this blog’s other writer as he read Infinite Jest before I finally took that first step into Wallace’s unique world. Since then I have rather voraciously been eating up this man’s work, fiction and non-fiction alike. As I finish my second of his books, I rejoice that I received a third just this weekend for my birthday. Continue reading

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If It Ain’t Broke, Just Tweak It

During the last decade, most serious television viewers and critics turned to HBO as a model for the production of cutting-edge, quality programming. Series like The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Six Feet Under, and Curb Your Enthusiasm garnered consistent journalistic praise. I can attest to the quality of The Wire and Six Feet Under – season four of The Wire has my vote for the single best season of television aired in my lifetime. Nevertheless, HBO shows aren’t for the faint of attention; they demand careful viewing. I really had to focus while watching The Wire to catch the dialogue, and the writing and style of the show left no room for distraction. I believe David Simon might have been poking fun at his own show in season five by having the owner of the Baltimore Sun demand “Dickensian” feature pieces from his reporters.

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