Three for Tuesday

Your Three for Thursday comes two days early (or five days late if you want to be a jerk about it) and includes a trio of artists that will be hitting the Chicago area heavily in the coming months. Passion Pit continues its seemingly unabated rocket-to-the-moon growth with two shows this April at the 4500 person Congress Theater while Vampire Weekend hits the still respectably sized Riviera with back-to-back sold out shows at the end of March. Poor Frightened Rabbit, the oldest and farthest flung band in this group, might feel left out with only one show in May, but it’s at Metro, a swell little spot that always warms the heart of Chicago concertgoers.

Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Passion Pit already made a video for this song. It sucked. If you don’t believe me, I talked about it when it came out, so you go see for yourself, but be warned. This is a much better attempt. Not ground-breaking or anything, (Pitchfork isn’t crazy on it), but visually interesting and fun, if a little cryptic in its use of paper bag masks. All the previous effluences on how good this song is still apply.

See the video here.

Vampire Weekend – Giving up the Gun

Myriad tracks were released ahead of Vampire Weekend’s newest album, Contra – “Horchata,” “White Sky,” “Cousins” – and they were great, don’t get me wrong, but I worried anxiously that they might be the best the group had to offer with the rest of the disc serving as filler; it’s hard to follow up as good a debut as was their eponymous CD, so such worries were not without reason. But fears were allayed in January when the CD dropped and many other yet-unheard tracks lived up to my hopes, among them the bouncy and glittery “Giving up the Gun.” The video for this track is a rather unlikely tennis match loosely bookended by Japanese game-show title sequences. But the reason to watch this (and to then immediately watch is again as I did) is the star-studded cast who, I hope and pray, is just playing themselves. My friend pointed out to me that the band, though mostly in the background and out of the action, vaults to new heights of being style-conscious/centered/setting and he also perfectly pegs Ezra Konig’s look as “doe-eyed.” All I know is that if Jake Gyllenhaal can drink and play tennis, I should be able to bring my flask onto the court too.

See the video here.

Frightened Rabbit – Nothing like You

The Scots are back with a low-tech and self-directed, but very enchanting video for the first single from their about-to-be-released The Winter of Mixed Drinks. I don’t what it is about these guys, but I just want to give ‘em a hug whenever I listen to ‘em. It’s not that they’re always singing about sad things or being depressed, but something in the accent comes through over the oft upbeat music. Maybe it’s just the Scotsman in me that wants an excuse to sit down with them and have a pint. I don’t know.

See the video here.


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