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Three for Tuesday

Your Three for Thursday comes two days early (or five days late if you want to be a jerk about it) and includes a trio of artists that will be hitting the Chicago area heavily in the coming months. Passion Pit continues its seemingly unabated rocket-to-the-moon growth with two shows this April at the 4500 person Congress Theater while Vampire Weekend hits the still respectably sized Riviera with back-to-back sold out shows at the end of March. Poor Frightened Rabbit, the oldest and farthest flung band in this group, might feel left out with only one show in May, but it’s at Metro, a swell little spot that always warms the heart of Chicago concertgoers. Continue reading


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Treasures Trapped in a Closet

Imagine your business was forced to mortgage every building it owned, lay off staff, take out numerous loans and appeal to friends for money. Also imagine that your business owned 101 paintings estimated to be worth possibly up to $100 million dollars. Most businesses would fix point number one by cashing in point number two, but if your “business” is Fisk University in Tennessee, that option, unfortunately, isn’t on the table. Continue reading

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“He knows your drink before you do…”

A series of viral ads produced by Think Espionage has hit the internet recently and is turning heads in the professional/serious amateur mixology world. They feature (though not that prominently) a product which should be quite familiar –  Bacardi rum – but it’s the presentation that’s taking folks by surprise. Bacardi has made memorable commercials before – remember the curious Bacardi and Cola series (here and here) and the Mojito groove maker? – but, though popular with the general public, they did little to elevate the brand in serious circles. This series of advertisements, however, has gone out of its way to be both entertaining and exacting which makes the commercials a delight to watch to both laydrinkers and pros alike. Continue reading

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