Three for Thursday

Three for Thursday returns with one serious video, one video of people being too serious for their own good and one video so far from serious that it features a Nazi zombie.

Califone – Funeral Singers (Tunnelvision)

Califone is a Chicago-based indie and post-rock band. Despite being around for a decade or so (in various guises from solo project to rotating who’s who), the band only recently passed through my radar when I picked up a promotional MP3 of this track. “Funeral Singers,” is the first release off Califone’s new album, All my Friends are Funeral Singers which is a soundtrack to a film by the same name which has been entered into the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Califone’s current tour has them playing double shows in each city – one night of rock and one night of live accompaniment to the film. I hope I can find time to listen to some more, since I’m considering I seeing them when they run through their hometown in March. This track is a live version from’s Tunnelvision.

I couldn’t get the embedding to work, so click here to check it out.

The Knife – Tomorrow, in a Year

The Knife is a band which is a little different than other bands. They’re known for appearing and performing in Venetian plague doctor masks and for railing against commercialism in the music industry. When they are publicly seen or heard, they tend to make a splash as Karin Dreijer Andersson (under her solo performance stage name Fever Ray) recently did at a Swedish award ceremony. The brother-sister duo has put out three studio albums, but Tomorrow, in a Year is probably the most “out there” project yet. Commissioned by the Danish troupe Hotel Pro Forma, The Knife has composed the soundtrack to an electro-opera based on Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species. Yes, an opera about the book on evolutionary biology. The performance is currently making its way across Europe and The Knife plan to release their original tracks within the next month. Listening to the first available track, “Colouring of Pigeons” (which you can listen to and download here), I’m taken back by how haunting and beautiful The Knife can be. Now pair this with avant-garde, contemporary dance and theatre and you have our generation’s Tommy? Maybe not.

Astronautalis – Trouble Hunters

Astronautalis is a white guy singing hip-hop infused storyteller indie music. This could be great or it could be garbage and I haven’t honestly heard enough to tell on which end of the spectrum he lies. I will give him credit though, for putting out a pretty good song and a rather entertaining faux-camp video about vampires (I think).  I can’t help but crack up at the guy who’s just dancing in the background through the whole narrative and the elevator scene gets me every time too.

The embedding’s not working on this one either. Click here.


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