Three for Thursday

We here at Bybe know that you’ve been naughty this year, but we like you enough to get you Christmas presents anyway. It’s been a few weeks, so here are another three videos to keep you entertained.

Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Hot Chip is revving up for the February 9 release of their next album, One Life Stand and gives us a second glimpse in this video for the album’s title track. It’s not quite as good as our first glimpse, the mind-blowing “Take it In,” but how could it be? Still, the track belies all that is great about the Hot Chip style; it’s dancey yet pop, memorable, yet not cliché catchy. This only heightens my anticipation for the CD to drop. Also, watching this video makes me think that there cannot be a more nerdy-looking band on the planet. Sorry guys.

Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

Speaking of highly anticipated albums of 2010, Massive Attack’s Heligoland also drops on February 9. November’s teaser EP, Splitting the Atom, gave the first glimpse of the band’s new style while this track harkens back a bit to the old style. (I erroneously claimed a track and video which surfaced a month ago would be on the new disc, but it turned out to just be a red herring B-side.) Massive Attack has a much checkered record for its music videos. There are the great ones (e.g. the David Lynch directed “Unfinished Sympathy” and the creepy/funny “Karmacoma”), but there are also the terrible ones (e.g. the hokey animation mess “Teardrop” and the just-plain-bad “Splitting the Atom”). This track I think falls (unfortunately) into the latter category.

Watch it here. WARNING: Very NSFW.

Washed Out – Belong

I’m very happy that glow-fi artist Washed Out is finally getting some well-deserved love. I found two free downloads for this Southern newbie in the middle of the year and was quite impressed. At the time, though, only a limited press cassette had been released. Yes, a limited-press cassette. (I knew vinyl was coming back, but cassette?) Anyway, Washed Out has been topping a number of lists recently (including Pitchfork’s top album, video and track lists) despite only performing publicly once.  This one is off the aforementioned cassette, High Times (which I’m not sure is available in a modern format yet) and is a bizarre throwback to 80’s workout videos.


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