Some Songs for Saturday

A few weeks ago, alliteration sounded like a good idea, but I couldn’t get things together for a Three for Thursday this week. Then I thought I’d do a Four for Friday, but that came and went too. So with the stakes now at a Six for Saturday (or heaven forbid, a Seven for Sunday), it’s best to just cut losses and bend the naming rules.

Passion Pit – Little Secrets

Before we discuss the video, I’ve got a few things to say. I love these guys. I love this song. This should have been the first single off Manners and Manners is one of the top CDs of 2009. They need to put out another CD, like right now. If you don’t like Passion Pit, we can’t be friends. Don’t even try. I love these guys.

Whoo! Ok. Sorry about that.

Anyway, this is the video for “Little Secrets” and, even though I gushed quite a bit of praise a second ago, the video is ho-hum. Visually it’s cool, but the concept is ripped from the movie 2001 and it has nothing at all to do with the song. I have to agree (in sprit, if not grammar) with one of the earliest comments on YouTube that said, “It could be equally effective as a visual display for a Pink Floyd song or a song that is actually trippy in any way.” If you want an example of a Passion Pit song set to a cool video that works, watch “To Kingdom Come.” It’s about science!

Watch it here. (Embedding disabled.)

Charlotte Gainsbourg  w/ Beck – Heaven Can Wait

I am not familiar with Charlotte Gainsbourg, but fans of Beck will not be disappointed by the WTF-style of this video. Despite starting out quite weird, it actually gets significantly weirder as it goes on. And there’s a subtle reference to Rene Magritte’s Not to Be Reproduced, so what’s not to like.

John Mayer – Who Says?

I don’t usually listen to John Mayer, but if I did, I probably wouldn’t readily admit that fact. (Now you can’t decide whether to believe me or not.) Despite this, I stumbled upon his new track and I kinda dig it.  As Slate points out, it’s good because Mayer quits taking himself so seriously, and let’s his humor shine through with great lyrics like, “I don’t remember you lookin’ any better, but then again I don’t remember you.”

Slate continues with a debate about whether white boys like Asher Roth and John Mayer eschewing douchebag/frat boy style is better or worse than black hip-hop fantasies of power, but I don’t really want to touch that bit. I just enjoy the cheeky nature of the video (Mayer carries a brown paper bagged bottle at one point) and the blunt lyrics (“Who says I can’t get stoned”).


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