Three for Thursday

EDIT: I mistakenly claim below that the Massive Attack track “United Snakes” will be on the upcoming Massive Attack LP. This is incorrect. “United Snakes” was (and will continue to be) only a B-side.

More videos. More awesome. More… I don’t know. I could only come up with two.

Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge

Simian Mobile Disco is an awesome band name, and they wrote some genius lyrics for this love song too. I won’t spoil the surprise and reveal some of the best, but the singer does point out that “You know I always got sorbet.” Besides the great wordsmithing, the track is danceable to boot.

“Audacity of Huge” is off Temporary Pleasure, the group’s August release.

Massive Attack – United Snakes

Massive Attack sadly had been missing from our lives for many years now, but the long wait is over. The group released the teaser EP Splitting the Atom in October and their (yet unnamed) first full length album in seven years is due in February. Splitting got mixed reviews and, while I wasn’t enamored at first, it’s grown on me. It has one track that is very much in the Massive Attack vein and three that are quite different; while they invented trip-hop, I do agree with their choice to aggressively reinvent their sound. Helping them are Tunde Adebimpe (of TV on the Radio), Guy Garvey (of Elbow), Horace Andy and others who have made contributions for the upcoming disc.

The first single off the LP proper is “United Snakes,” and I don’t think you could mistake it for anyone other than Massive Attack. The video features intense, shape-shifting visuals, while the tune features Robert del Naja’s signature low crooning that slowly builds over a repeated drum beat. But, there’s a catch. It turns out that this is not a new track, but was released in longer form as the B-Side on 2006’s False Flag single. Ah well. I’ll take it anyway.

How To Do The DUBSTEP Dance

This is not a music video for a particular song. It is instead a how-to video to dancing to dubstep. (If you don’t know dubstep, do yourself a favor and pick up one of Burial’s albums as a good primer.) The music is heavy, electronic and bass, and it is in general is not easy to dance to. Pitchfork’s recent review of the compilation album 5: Five Years of Hyperdub highlights this and I lifted this video after reading about it there.

Please don’t ever dance like this. At least not anywhere near me.  But that said, this is pretty ridiculous. Enjoy.

Oh, and the soundtrack to this video is “The Drop” from Unitz. Not the best dubstep I’ve ever heard, but it’s OK.


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