Three for Thursday

A while back, I posted three music videos as a way of jump starting the blog. Musically, they had nothing in common. (Stylistically, they were all outlandish.) I like the idea of periodically posting videos. I also like alliteration. (Did you notice “periodically posting” is alliterative?) Therefore, I give to you Three for Thursday, my no-more-than-weekly installment of music video picks. MTV don’t show ‘em anymore, so we’ve got to educate the masses somehow.

For this inaugural Three for Thursday (the last post was maybe A Wee Bit Wednesday?), I give you soul, Snow, and skating cowboys. (More alliteration, see?)

Richard Swift – The Atlantic Ocean

This guy is a throwback to another time. The clothes in this movie are straight out of the eighties, but a couple of his songs are much more like Motown and the 1960s. (See for example Lady Luck.) I picked up a free EP of his (sadly for you, no longer free) and was hooked. I especially like the hipster-jab lines “I’m part of the scene/I’m part of the scene/Suit jacket and jeans./I got the right LPs/I got the right LP’s/I got the Lou Reed/And all the Blondie you’ll ever need.” This track is off the CD of the same name, The Atlantic Ocean.

Miike Snow – Black and Blue

I feel guilty for liking Miike Snow. I don’t exactly know why, but I do. The guys are Swedish. It’s electropop. None of the lyrics make any sense at all. (They have a song called “A Horse is Not a Home.” Really?) But it’s damn catchy, so I overcome the guilt and just enjoy. You should do the same. You can find “Black and Blue” on the group’s eponymous deput, Miike Snow.

Puscifer – The Mission

Puscifer is the newest band for Tool frontman (and A Perfect Circle frontman) Maynard James Keenan. It consists of a revolving set of contributing artists, cabaret-style concerts and genre-defying tunes. MJK even refuses to tie himself down to a single version of each song with remixes and studio tracks mixed together on their discs. “The Mission” is the first single off their new EP due out November 10 which is called C is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here). The song features vocals by Milla Jovovich – yes, the Milla Jovovich that was in The Fifth Element – and while I really dig the song, I’m not so sure about the video.

Embedding it didn’t work for me, so you’l have to click here instead to see it.


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